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BSEIDC Notice Consultant for Project 31-7-14 

BSEIDC Tender Notice 15-7-14 

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DIET Siwan 

DIET PTEC Renovation Work Gate Drawing 

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New Girls Hostel (DIET PTEC CTE BITE)


New Boys Hostel (DIET PTEC CTE BITE)

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DIET & PTEC Boundary Wall Drawing


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Correct Tie Beam of Model School

Ground Floor Design Sheet in Senior Secondary School Buildings in Bihar

First Floor Design Sheet Senior Secondary School Buildings in Bihar

Ground Floor Design Sheet in Girl School Buildings in Bihar

First Floor Design Sheet in Girl School Buildings in Bihar

Ground Floor Design Sheet in Model School Buildings in Bihar

First Floor Design Sheet in Model School Buildings in Bihar

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Under this scheme, Computer Education and Computer Aided Education has to be implemented in 1000 School Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools of Bihar. In order to implement this scheme, which is approx worth Rs. 150 Crore, 1000 Schools have been divided into 6 Zones and tender process for allotment of work has been completed. This work has been allotted to 3 agencies of India as mention below:-


IL & FS Education & Technology Services Limited Zone 1 Zone 5 Click on Zone Name to View Detail Specification
Compucom Software Limited Zone 2 Zone 4
Pearson Education Service (Pvt) Limited Zone 6  
Kumar Abhishek IL&FS-ETS 9955993541
Vineet Kumar Compucom Software 7073916750
Anil kumar Singh Pearson education 9334176200
For smooth execution of this scheme, a Software Named SCAN( School Computer Access Network) has been developed through which, information of these schools regarding computer lab work and work duration will be available in the head quarter on regular basis ( Every Day).
Please click on the district name in the map below to see the list of ICT@School
             India Govt

Corrigendum-3 NIT No.-125/2018-19 

Corrigendum-4 NIT No.-116/2018-19 ERP 

World Bank Endorsed Review Meeting Dated 03.05.2019 SCERT Patna 

Corrigendum-3 NIT No.-116/2018-19 ERP

World Bank Endorsed Review Meeting Dated 15.04.2019

Corrigendum-2 NIT No.-125/2018-19

Corrigendum-1 NIT No.-124/2018-19

Corrigendum-2 NIT No.-119/2018-19

Corrigendum-2 NIT No.-116/2018-19 ERP

Corrigendum-1 NIT No.-125/2018-19

Corrigendum-1 NIT No.-116/2018-19 ERP

NIQ-123/2018-19 Quotation Document

RFP NIT No.-12A/2018-19 Ernst & Young LLP

RFP NIT No.-12A/2018-19 IL&FS Education and Technology Services Ltd

RFP NIT No.-12A/2018-19 Ritnand Balved Education Foundation

Tender Notice NIT No.-91 ICT Infrastructure for SCERT

Review Meeting of World Bank Project Held on 01.02.2019

Tender Cancellation Notice NIT No.-74/2018-19

Corrigendum-1-NIT No.-85/2018-19

Corrigendum-1 NIT No.-74/2018-19 E-Content Module

Addendum No.-1 NIT No.-12 A/2018-19

Corrigendum No.-1 NIT No.-63/2018-19

Corrigendum No.-2 NIT No.-63/2018-19

Corrigendum No.-1 NIT No.-60/2018-19

Corrigendum Notice No.-1 NIT No.-48/2018-19

NIT No.-48/2018-19

Corrigendum Notice No.-1 NIT No.-41/2018-19

Notice NIT No.-79/2017-18

Corrigendum No.-1 NIT No.-43/2018-19

Corrigendum No.-1 NIT No.-46/2018-19

Corrigendum No.-1 NIT No.-47/2018-19

Corrigendum No.-1 NIT No.-49/2018-19

Notice NIT No.-74/2017-18

Office Order No.-5921

CORRIGENDUM No-01 of NIT No.-29/2018-19

CORRIGENDUM No-01 of NIT No.-25/2018-19

Cancellation Notice NIT No.-13/2018-19

Notification for opening of Financial Bid for the RFP NIT No.-23A/2018-19 of Pilot Study


CORRIGENDUM No-01 of NIT No.-04/2018-19

CORRIGENDUM No-01 of NIT No.-12/2018-19

CORRIGENDUM No-01 of NIT No.-10/2018-19

CORRIGENDUM No-01 of NIT No.-13/2018-19

Notice For Opening of Financial Bid NIT No.-89/2017-18

Notice of NIT No.-90/2017-18

CORRIGENDUM No-01 of NIT No.-92/2017-18

CORRIGENDUM No-01 of NIT No.-01/2018-19

CORRIGENDUM No-01 of NIT No.-02/2018-19

CORRIGENDUM No-01 of NIT No.-23A/2018-19

CORRIGENDUM No-01 of NIT No.-88/2017-18

CORRIGENDUM No-01 of NIT No.-90/2017-18

CORRIGENDUM No-01 of NIT No.-91/2017-18

CORRIGENDUM No-02 of NIT No.-23/2018-19

CORRIGENDUM No-02 of NIT No.-90/2017-18

CORRIGENDUM No-02 of NIT No.-89/2017-18

CORRIGENDUM No-01 of NIT No.-89/2017-18

Selection of Chartered Accontant Firms for the Internal Audit BSEIDC

Notice for Qualified and Disqualified NIT-27/2017-18

Notice Jagdamba Construction USS 43 (Rescind)

Notice B.K Enterprises USS 06 (Rescind)

Notice B.K Enterprises USS 07 (Rescind)

Notice Diamond Construction USS 40 (Rescind)

Notice Diamond Construction USS 45(Rescind)

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