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Concurrent Monitoring of Projects

Shri Nitish Kumar

Hon'ble Chief Minister
Shri Nitish Kumar

Shri K.N.Prasad Verma

Hon'ble Education Minister
Shri K. N. Prasad Verma

News and Press

BSEIDC Notice Consultant for Project 31-7-14 

BSEIDC Tender Notice 15-7-14 

BSEIDC Tender Notice 10-7-14 

Estimate and Design
Orders and Circulars

DIET Siwan 

DIET PTEC Renovation Work Gate Drawing 

DIET Babu Tola Banka

PTEC Nagarpara Bhagalpur

DIET Bangra Saran

DIET Begusarai

DIET Farbishganj

DIET Madhubani

DIET Sonpur Saran

DIET Vikram Patna

PTEC Masaurhi Patna

PTEC Phulwaria Bhagalpur

PTEC Sorhatha Vaishali






New Girls Hostel (DIET PTEC CTE BITE)


New Boys Hostel (DIET PTEC CTE BITE)

BRC Model Drawing

DIET & PTEC Boundary Wall Drawing


Principal-cum-Staff Quarter Drawing

Correct Tie Beam of Model School

Ground Floor Design Sheet in Senior Secondary School Buildings in Bihar

First Floor Design Sheet Senior Secondary School Buildings in Bihar

Ground Floor Design Sheet in Girl School Buildings in Bihar

First Floor Design Sheet in Girl School Buildings in Bihar

Ground Floor Design Sheet in Model School Buildings in Bihar

First Floor Design Sheet in Model School Buildings in Bihar

Others Orders and Circulars
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BSEIDC Contact Information
Administration Department
Name Post Contact no
Shri Arvind Kumar Varma, IAS Managing Director 8544412167
Shri Basant Kumar General Manager (Administration) 9430931366
Smt. Neha Shah Company Secretary 8521182444
Shri Arvind Kumar Consultant -ICT 8002952114
Shri Manish Kumar Procurement Officer cum Incharge House Keeping 9334490164
Smt. Savita Kumari Computer Programmer 9431758946
Shri Kumar Rishikesh Computer Programmer 9430690618
Shri Pankaj Kumar Singh Computer Programmer 9771886720
Shri Lav Kumar Computer Programmer 9507800057
Shri Abhijeet Kumar Computer Programmer 9709517525
Shri Manish Kumar Network Administrator 8877015501
Smt. Kajal Sinha Stenographer English) 9431403808
Shri Rahul Ranjan Kumar Assistant cum Computer Operator 9905599875
Shri Randhir Kumar Assistant cum Computer Operator 9308702814
Shri Mohammad Khursheed Assistant cum Computer Operator ( Issue Section) 8083264571
Shri Vikash Kumar Assistant cum Computer Operator 9122902936
Shri Shiv Kumar Assistant cum Computer Operator 9835610727
Miss Mamta Kumari Assistant cum Computer Operator 7277047877
Program and Implementation Department
Shri Basant Kumar General Manager (P & I) 9430931366
Architecture Department
Shri Pankaj Sinha Senior Architect 9835253843 / 7368086250
Smt. Rinku Srivastava Consultant - Structural 9835473300
Shri Santosh Kumar Draftsman 9204376412
Shri Md. Ashbabul Hak Draftsman 9308396718
Technical Department
Shri Manoj Kumar Chief Engineer 9430935365
Shri  Brajesh Prasad Chief Consultant (Technical) 9430684392
Shri Rajesh Kumar Superintendent Engineer 9955254397
Shri Ajay Kumar Executive Engineer 9771729791
Shri Rajesh Kumar Gupta Executive Engineer 9430034705
Shri Sachin Dayal Executive Engineer 9431012707
Shri Manoj Ranjan Assistant Engineer 7631947256
Shri Haidar Jamal Assistant Engineer 9931433633
Shri Rama Shankar Prasad Assistant Engineer 9431492761
Smt. Reeturaj Assistant Engineer 8292606741
Shri Ajay Kumar Singh Assistant Engineer 9470033533
Shri Ajay Prasad Assistant Engineer (Electrical) 8540821148
Shri Sanjay Kumar Assistant Engineer 9934029903
Shri Rajesh Kumar Assistant Engineer 9431620115
Shri Pradeep Kumar Mandal Assistant Engineer 9431081147
Shri Rajnish Kumar Junior Engineer 8271901710
Miss. Abhwya Bharti Junior Engineer 7543014777
Shri Dev Nandan Prasad Junior Engineer 9430081603
Shri Manjay Kumar Junior Engineer 7543014783 / 8409601106
Shri Satish Srivastava Junior Engineer 8409741544
Shri Shailendra Kumar Sinha Junior Engineer 8271732324 / 9431426331
Shri Amresh Kumar Junior Engineer 7543014453 / 9693630382
Smt. Sweta Priya Dersani Junior Engineer 8603144148
Smt. Namita Kumari Junior Engineer 8409481137
Shri Ratnesh Kumar Junior Engineer (Electrical) 9835514923 / 8409793956
Shri Dinesh Kumar Junior Engineer 8409467203
Shri Sunil Kumar Sharma Junior Engineer 9631214589
Shri Aditya Anand Junior Engineer 8797233955
Shri Bipin Kumar Junior Engineer 7654373865 / 7667708129
Shri Zainul Hasan Junior Engineer 9608350205
Shri Shudhanshu Kumar Chaudhary Junior Engineer 9955120512
Shri Jitendra Kumar (BEPC) Junior Engineer 9031066714
Shri Anil Kumar (BEPC) Junior Engineer 9431870212
Shri Gauri Shankar Singh (BEPC) Junior Engineer 9431678885
Shri Pankaj Kumar (BEPC) Junior Engineer 8544411527
Shri Gangadhar Vidhayarthi Assistant cum Computer Operator 9570630195
Shri Santosh Kumar Assistant cum Computer Operator 8873786340
Shri Sachin Kumar Assistant cum Computer Operator 9939470523
Shri Ashwani Kumar Assistant cum Computer Operator 7870926845
Smt. Nupoor Kishor Assistant cum Computer Operator 9504324848
Smt. Ruchi Kumari Assistant cum Computer Operator 9162135838
Quality and Control Department
Shri Shanbhu Nandan Jha  Assistant Director (Quality and Control) 9334235233
Shri Radhe Krishan Singh Assistant Research Officer (Quality and Control) 7557699156
Shri Suresh Prasad Singh Laboratory Attendant 7783862162
Finance and Accounts Department
Shri Ranjan Kumar Mishra Senior Accounts Officer 9608659740
Shri Amit Kumar Sau Accounts Officer 8235476534
Shri Vikash Kumar Kashera Accounts Officer 7764055869
Smt. Nidhi Kumari Accounts Clerk 7488010275
Shri Ajay Kumar Pandit Accounts Clerk 8271405216
Shri Sanjay Paswan Accounts Clerk 8051757664
Shri Nitesh Kumar Singh Accounts Clerk 9386748699
Shri Ranjan Kumar Accounts Clerk 8051756257
Smt. Puja Kumari Accounts Clerk 8252716696
Shri Sanjay Kumar Accounts Clerk 8541887288
Shri Kamleshwari Prasad Accounts Clerk 9470084642
Shri Sujay Kumar Saha Accounts Clerk 9708576894
Shri Pawan Kumar Accounts Clerk 9798253556
Miss. Pratishtha Accounts Clerk 9798899115
Shri Girijesh Kumar Accounts Clerk 8002008800
Shri Pradip Kumar Ram Accounts Clerk 9939062495
Shri Ravi Kumar-I Assistant cum Computer Operator 7488561946
Shri Shamim Akhtar Assistant cum Computer Operator 9504729920
Shri Ravi Kumar-II Assistant cum Computer Operator 9973545901
Public Grievance Redressal
Shri Anil Kumar Junior Engineer 7761898260
             India Govt

Corrigendum-3 NIT No.-125/2018-19 

Corrigendum-4 NIT No.-116/2018-19 ERP 

World Bank Endorsed Review Meeting Dated 03.05.2019 SCERT Patna 

Corrigendum-3 NIT No.-116/2018-19 ERP

World Bank Endorsed Review Meeting Dated 15.04.2019

Corrigendum-2 NIT No.-125/2018-19

Corrigendum-1 NIT No.-124/2018-19

Corrigendum-2 NIT No.-119/2018-19

Corrigendum-2 NIT No.-116/2018-19 ERP

Corrigendum-1 NIT No.-125/2018-19

Corrigendum-1 NIT No.-116/2018-19 ERP

NIQ-123/2018-19 Quotation Document

RFP NIT No.-12A/2018-19 Ernst & Young LLP

RFP NIT No.-12A/2018-19 IL&FS Education and Technology Services Ltd

RFP NIT No.-12A/2018-19 Ritnand Balved Education Foundation

Tender Notice NIT No.-91 ICT Infrastructure for SCERT

Review Meeting of World Bank Project Held on 01.02.2019

Tender Cancellation Notice NIT No.-74/2018-19

Corrigendum-1-NIT No.-85/2018-19

Corrigendum-1 NIT No.-74/2018-19 E-Content Module

Addendum No.-1 NIT No.-12 A/2018-19

Corrigendum No.-1 NIT No.-63/2018-19

Corrigendum No.-2 NIT No.-63/2018-19

Corrigendum No.-1 NIT No.-60/2018-19

Corrigendum Notice No.-1 NIT No.-48/2018-19

NIT No.-48/2018-19

Corrigendum Notice No.-1 NIT No.-41/2018-19

Notice NIT No.-79/2017-18

Corrigendum No.-1 NIT No.-43/2018-19

Corrigendum No.-1 NIT No.-46/2018-19

Corrigendum No.-1 NIT No.-47/2018-19

Corrigendum No.-1 NIT No.-49/2018-19

Notice NIT No.-74/2017-18

Office Order No.-5921

CORRIGENDUM No-01 of NIT No.-29/2018-19

CORRIGENDUM No-01 of NIT No.-25/2018-19

Cancellation Notice NIT No.-13/2018-19

Notification for opening of Financial Bid for the RFP NIT No.-23A/2018-19 of Pilot Study


CORRIGENDUM No-01 of NIT No.-04/2018-19

CORRIGENDUM No-01 of NIT No.-12/2018-19

CORRIGENDUM No-01 of NIT No.-10/2018-19

CORRIGENDUM No-01 of NIT No.-13/2018-19

Notice For Opening of Financial Bid NIT No.-89/2017-18

Notice of NIT No.-90/2017-18

CORRIGENDUM No-01 of NIT No.-92/2017-18

CORRIGENDUM No-01 of NIT No.-01/2018-19

CORRIGENDUM No-01 of NIT No.-02/2018-19

CORRIGENDUM No-01 of NIT No.-23A/2018-19

CORRIGENDUM No-01 of NIT No.-88/2017-18

CORRIGENDUM No-01 of NIT No.-90/2017-18

CORRIGENDUM No-01 of NIT No.-91/2017-18

CORRIGENDUM No-02 of NIT No.-23/2018-19

CORRIGENDUM No-02 of NIT No.-90/2017-18

CORRIGENDUM No-02 of NIT No.-89/2017-18

CORRIGENDUM No-01 of NIT No.-89/2017-18

Selection of Chartered Accontant Firms for the Internal Audit BSEIDC

Notice for Qualified and Disqualified NIT-27/2017-18

Notice Jagdamba Construction USS 43 (Rescind)

Notice B.K Enterprises USS 06 (Rescind)

Notice B.K Enterprises USS 07 (Rescind)

Notice Diamond Construction USS 40 (Rescind)

Notice Diamond Construction USS 45(Rescind)

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